September 2021

Tutoring Scheme Opportunity

13th September, 2021|

At SVB we wanted to share some information on a programme that we think is doing great work for the community specifically for young people from the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities with this tutoring scheme!  There are still spaces available and is free. Any questions, contact [email protected] or 07842 311701. Please share the post to anyone that may be interested in this opportunity. 

Future Focus

13th September, 2021|

Future Focus is trying to encourage 14-35 year old BAME people to reach out and utilise the services they have to offer. If you feel this service would be suitable for you or someone you know please get in contact at 01274 221181 or email [email protected] At SVB we are so proud of the work that Future Focus are doing!

August 2021

Bike project

18th August, 2021|

At SVB our bike project is aimed to engage with men from European communities, we give people bikes and get them involved in mental health related activities. This project has now finished however we are in talks with partners and we are hoping we will be able to continue our suicide prevention/well-being activities with wider community as it has been a great success so far.

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