My Wellbeing

Welcome to the My Wellbeing page.

Here you can find information to help understand mental health difficulties and resources to support your mental wellbeing.

You can also request support from Sharing Voices by clicking on the ‘Submit a Referral’  link.

Please click on the ‘In Crisis’  link to access services for urgent and emergency needs provided by First Response.

Sharing Voices work with individuals from Black Minority and Ethnic Communities from the age of 13 years upwards.

Ensure you have obtained the consent of the legal guardian(s) when referring a young person.

Also include any risk assessment information.

Note: Referrals may be delayed or returned if required information or risk assessments are missing.

Mental Health Resources

Future Focus

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Future Focus is trying to encourage 14-35 year old BAME people to reach out and utilise the services they have to offer. If you feel this service would be suitable for you or someone you know please get in contact at 01274 221181 or email [email protected] At SVB we are so proud of the work that Future Focus are doing!

Useful Websites

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Directory of Mental health Services in Bradford Online Support for Young People Directory of Community and Voluntary Organisation in Bradford

Self Care

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Self Care There are many different steps we can, and should, take to look after ourselves. These include: Therapy – Counselling, CBT, Hypnotherapy Meditation – Mindfulness, Yoga, Relaxation, Deep Breathing Exercises Thought Management – Positive [...]

Organisations That Can Help

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Organisations That Can Help Sharing Voices – 01274 731166 NHS – Your GP Crisis Team - First Response, 0800 9521181 Emergency Services - 999 Guideline – 01274 594594 Samaritans – 01274 547547 The Cellar Project [...]

What is Mental Wellbeing?

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When we are mentally and physically well, we are able to: do things we like to do, feel motivated realise our own potential cope with everyday stresses and strains (resilience) thrive and work productively and [...]

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