West Yorkshire Police Sikh Association Launch Event

SVB's Lilly attended the West Yorkshire Police Sikh Association Launch Event today, it was a fantastic event! Lilly had the opportunity to meet lots of new people within the WY Police force whilst also connecting with other organisations that were invited. We look forward to continuing our existing relationship with the West Yorkshire Police in the future. 

Mental Health Survey

👉🏽Does racism have an impact on your identity and sense of belonging? 👉🏾Does it affect your mental health? At Sharing Voices Bradford we are carrying out a survey to see how many young people from the BAME communites have been affected by racism and the impact it is has on one's mental health. Please click on the link below and share your thoughts with us! #sharingvoices #communitysupport #hereforyou

SVB Feature

Sharing Voices are featured in this months 'The Safety in Numbers Newsletter' hosted by patient and public involvement and engagement lead. The article is in relation to the recent COVID-19 research carried out by SVB's Lilly. We are so proud of the work you are doing 👏🏽🧡 Please check out the article via the link below…/safety-in-numbers-group-autumn-update

Genevieve Belle’s Story

My name is Genevieve Belle and I am originally from Cameroon which is a multi-culturally diverse country which afforded me with a unique childhood. As a very welcoming country, our neighbours and classmates could be from anywhere in the world, there was and still is a strong influence from Asia, Europe and the Middle East with their cuisines reflected in the local restaurant scene. As a young child that fostered a love for food which was never waned.

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