Refugees and Asylum

Refugees and Asylum

refugees-asylum-1Asylum Seekers & Refugees Unit

The common story of Asylum seekers & refugees is the same with very few differences whatever their background (Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, Syria or Middle East). It is a story of men, women and young people made of persecutions, traumas, tortures, sometimes rape or bullying they’ve experienced in their respective original land.

Once in the new land (UK) their situation is complicated often with the long and stressing asylum seeking process. Stress, depression, PTSD and various mental health issues are their common ‘daily bread’. All this puts them among the most vulnerable people of our society. However the positive side of the story is that most of our members are believers: in the midst of all the adversities they have known, most of them believe strongly in God who has protected them on seas, deserts and wilderness.

refugees-asylum-2Sharing Voices Bradford’s Refugees & Asylum Seekers Unit uses a refugee-to-refugee approach. Believing in better and convinced that any vulnerable person is a potential agent for change, if they are well supported and healed from their traumas of course, we use the “Co-Counselling” model with the aim of learning from each other.

For this to happen the role of the Community Development Worker (CDW) is triple fold: to welcome them, to befriend with them and finally and particularly to support them emotionally and spiritually in confidential and mutual one-to-one sessions. We use ‘the Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ methodology where the supporter and the supported member have both something to share voices about.

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