South Asian (Mens)

South Asian (Mens)

bme-men-1Just as with other communities, men from culturally diverse backgrounds can face a range of challenges when tackling mental health difficulties.  These can include stigma, a lack of confidence, social isolation and other difficulties such as with housing, employment and relationships.

Other social and personal factors can also impact on the mental health and wellbeing of men including the expectations of friends, family, and the wider community as well as cultural and religious expectations.

The BME Mens service delivers a range of activities to support the recovery and mental wellbeing of individuals.  These include one to one support and home visits and group sessions, gym sessions, befriending, information sharing, signposting, training and a variety of other activities to encourage mental and physical wellbeing.


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Here are some of the workstreams we are currently offering for the above service. you can scroll through and click for additional information, or use the form on the right to contact us.


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