Mental Health of BAME Young People

Following presentation of the research on the greater negative impact Covid-19 had on the mental health of BAME children and young people, Sharing Voices have drafted a series of policy actions for all agencies and practitioners working with children and young people in the Bradford district.

Friday 8th July 2020, 5.00pm.

Race and Youth Work

The murder of George Floyd in broad daylight has mobilised people across the world and has raised questions around racial inequality, civil justice and the rule of law.  A panel of experts will be sharing their experiences of assessing and addressing racial discrimination in multi-ethnic spaces.

Friday 19th June 2020, 6:00pm.


Masculinity & Mental Health

In one of the first of its kind, Sharing Voices are happy to introduce “Masculinity and Mental Health – In Crisis or In Control?”

An that event explores the notion of “masculinity” and its effect on male mental health and wellbeing, and the impact on youth.

21st November 2019, 9.00am – 1.00pm, Carlisle Business Centre



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