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Child Referral

Child Referral

Sharing Voices Bradford (SVB) is a community development mental health organisation that works across all BME communities. SVB is founded on the belief that issues such as:

Poverty, racism, loneliness, unemployment, family/relationship difficulties, abuse (i.e.sexual, physical, emotional, and neglect), bullying, identity, exclusion, prejudice, substance misuse, eating disorders, stress, bereavement difficulties, self harming, exclusion/isolation, and spiritual conflict have a direct impact on an individuals mental health and well being.

You are about to refer a Young Person (13 to 24 years of age) to our organisation.

Please note we do not accept referrals for children less than 13 years of age.

Referer Details

    Referer Section


Personal Details

    Childs Section

  • Siblings Information (under 18’s only)


Referral Information

    Reason for Referral - Please outline all the relevant details

  • Who is aware of this Referral?


Other Agencies / Organisations / Individuals

    Other Agencies / Organisations / Individuals

  • Has the Referee had any Assesments or Action Plans undertaken? (see info sheet)



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